Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aircraft lands in Sweden :Police remove suspected bomber.

CNN) -- Authorities arrested a passenger after a plane made an emergency landing in Sweden on Saturday morning, police said.

The plane -- which had 273 people onboard and was flying from Canada to Pakistan -- landed after a caller told authorities that a passenger had explosives with him.
All passengers were later evacuated from the plane, Stockholm Police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said.

The man in custody is suspected of "preparation of aviation sabotage," Lindgren said, adding that no explosives had been found yet.

"Right now we are still searching through the plane and the baggage, but we have found no expolsives on the man," he said.

He said police still are determining what exactly was said during the call that forced the plane to land. "Our priority is to find out what happened on that plane," Lindgren said.
The man was arrested in a "very nondramatic fashion" as passengers filed off the plane, he added. While the man was carrying a passport, police are still investigating his identity.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 782 was heading from Toronto, Canada, to Karachi, Pakistan, when it landed because of "security reasons," said Sultan Hassan, an airline spokesman.
The plane landed at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, at 7:30 a.m. (1:30 a.m. ET) Saturday after a woman calling from a pay phone in Canada tipped off police that a man on the plane had explosives, police spokesman Janne Hedlund said.

Canadian authorities contacted the plane while it was in Swedish airspace, Hedlund said.
The man is from Pakistan and has a Canadian passport, Hedlund said.
Authorities do not know whether the man has explosives, what kind of explosives could be in his possession or whether he knows the person who notified authorities, Hedlund said.

There was no direct bomb threat against the flight, he said.
Hassan said he did not have more specific details about the cause of the diversion. All passengers on board are safe, he said.

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