Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SATCOM Pirates?

The author of this blog needs your help- especially if you are a linguist. I recorded this UHF SATCOM communication between three people (possibly Brazilians pirates speaking Portuguese ) but not knowing the language I have no idea what they are talking about.

If you can translate - drop me a line at the link above or leave me a note in the form of a comment.

Here' the mp3 file: LINK

Be patient - its a long conversation.
Frequency: 253.550 Mhz NBFM


EduRamPT said...

I have some problem downloading the mp3 file. Could you confirm that is ok ?

PS: I speak portuguese!

Steve Douglass said...

It is working for me. It should open in any MP3 playing program. You might check your browsers default player settings.


Anonymous said...

Do you need the data from the satcom video that are speaking portuguese? I can translate it for you. If so I would like to help you and maybe you can drop me some audio of the same content.
root.ng @ gmail.com

Anonymous said...

In this talk are only two truck drivers, moving in his truck and the other stopped repairing the truck. they talk about oil pumps, screws, etc...
They discuss the size of a screw and also on the tool to be used...flat washer or pressure.At the end comes a woman in conversation and asks the truckers a screw to fix a tractor.
These communications are done illegally on farms in the northern of Brazil. They use these radios to communicate between the farm and residence in the city.


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