Friday, December 11, 2009

Questions no one is asking about errant Russian missile over Norway.

Sometimes I don't understand the mainstream media. Sure, they reported the amazing light-show caused by the "malfunctioning" ballistic missile that came apart over Norway, but they aren't asking the big questions, which are:

A: Why did Russia "test-fire" a ballistic missile without the standard agreed upon international procedures insuring commercial and civil flight safety (establishing a no-fly none)in the launch and recovery areas?

B. Why were no nearby nations notified in advance of the launch so as to not possibly trigger a jump in the DEFCON status when the launch would be inevitably detected by NATO and U.S. DSP satellites?

C. What was NORAD's response o the launch, which I am sure triggered alarm klaxons at Cheyenne Mountain?

D. Is it possible that a nuke was lunched, either unintentionally (accidentally) or on purpose by some rogue Russian sub commander and it was given a self-destruct command when Russian Missile Forces realized that one of their missiles was missing?

Things that make me go - hmmmm!

My paranoid/conspiracy theorist side can't help but wonder, is there an internal struggle inside the Russian military or was it actually (as they claim) simply a malfunctioning missile test (that they (for some reason)forgot to announce that resulted in the near-panic populace in Norway?

Sure, it was a cool and eerie site, but something smells fishy in the White Sea and it isn't halibut or tuna.

-Steve Douglass

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