Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things To Come, Likely.

Things To Come, Likely.: "

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Weapon mock-ups loaded on the second Sukhoi Su-35 prototype on display at MAKS 2009 give an indication of the future air-to-surface weapons the aircraft could carry in Russian service.

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The aircraft, side number 902, was shown with fitted a variant of the Kh-38M family  (above, intake weapon station) of air-to-surface missiles being developed by Tactical Missile Corp. It was also carrying a Kh-35UE (below) extended range development of the Kh-35 (AS-20 Kayak) anti-ship missile.

The Kh-35UE is fitted with a new engine, smaller in length than the original turbojet, providing additional fuel space. The intake design has also been revised. The maximum range is extended to 260km (162.5 miles). The weapon is also claimed to be fitted with a dual mode seeker, providing both active-radar guidance and passive homing.

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The weapons package for the Su-35S for the Russian air force has yet to be concluded, but air force and industry officials suggest this is anticipated relatively soon. Both suggest the contract will include 'new' missile types.

Pictures Credit D.Barrie/AW&ST


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