Monday, August 31, 2009

KZO UAV in Kunduz

KZO UAV in Kunduz: "

The Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, has been operating the Kleinfluggerät für Zielortung (Small Aircraft for Target Acquisition, abbreviated KZO) UAV in Afghanistan for nearly four weeks. Three KZO systems are currently deployed at the Bundeswehrs provincial reconstruction team (PRT) in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, and have conducted some 25 missions.


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A KZO system consists of a ground control station, antenna vehicle, launch vehicle, recovery vehicle, and five UAVs. KZO has a greater range and better sensors than the Luna UAV the Bundeswehr has so far been operating in Afghanistan and can also take real-time infrared imagery for faster and better target acquisition day and night, according to the Bundeswehr.

Yesterday, five more KZO systems were delivered to the German army's reconnaissance force in Munster, Germany.


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