Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The KillerBee in Paris

The KillerBee in Paris: "

I'll be interviewing Raytheon on June 16 in Paris about the KillerBee unmanned aerial vehicle. The company has a big unmanned systems brief scheduled that morning and then I hope to bring you some photos of the mock-up that will be on site as well as a one-on-one with program leads. Here's a promotional film the company released on a possible scenario for the UAV:

Northrop Grumman acquired the KillerBee line of UAVs from Swift Engineering this spring, renaming it the Bat. Swift has already teamed with Raytheon to offer the KillerBee for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps' Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS)/Tier II program. Northrop Grumman licensed Raytheon to offer the Bat for STUAS and other programs.


(Via Ares.)

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